I am currently developing two bodies of work.

The representational group is based on the idea of the simple gesture as something worth close consideration. As the great writer Henry Miller states, “Looking intently at an eye or a pair of lips, or an ear — particularly an ear, that weird appendage! — one is astounded by the metamorphoses a human countenance undergoes.” As an artist, I endlessly think about what I am seeing so body parts and activities elevate in my mind to something miraculous. We are indeed miraculous but in our distracted rush, we often forget how to take the time to deeply appreciate the beauty of human life.

By painting people, and looking closely at each individual, I experience the gift of seeing a small fraction of what makes a person physically unique while conversely sensing what makes us all the same.

The second group, mixed media abstractions, is filled with bits of recognizable imagery. The abstract elements cover and alter information for the viewer to find. In modern life, we filter vast amounts of information to develop our own interpretation of the truth. The process of creating these layered paintings mimics the process of absorbing information in the modern age – much is concealed by an abundance of information and imagery.

All my work investigates what we consider “reality” and how many forces influence our views: our ability to look closely at our surroundings and each other, the inundation of visual imagery in modern life, and our own inescapable history defining everything we think and see. By recognizing we all have obscured views, perhaps we can become less convicted in our opinions and more open to the perspective of others.




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